Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Musical Accessories for a Gift

It’s Gen’s 17th birthday today and still she looks like a high school student except that she’s very tall now and becoming conscious of how she looks. She’s still free spirited, carefree and very fond of playing musical instrument especially her blue acoustic guitar. She has so many engineering plates and art works to do which is keeping her awake late at night but despite all of these she still manage to take a break once in a while to strum one of her favorite musical pieces. 

It's some sort of stress-reliever for her when she strums her finger on her guitar though she only does it for few minutes due to her tight schedule. Anyway I was looking at the leather acoustic guitar strap online and thinking if Gen will like it. It will look good on her guitar and quite functional too. I’m not sure if I will let her see it before I decide to order it because it will not be a surprise anymore.


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