Friday, May 27, 2016

Readymade Curtains

Spent the whole day on general cleaning and I realized that some of our home accessories and linens should really be replaced now.  We should shop for new ones as our house needs a lot of make over.  Since the budget will never make way for a grand one I'm thinking of doing a little trick on the not-so expensive ones like home decors and curtains.  I have a friend who can sew some nice curtains for me but looking at these readymade curtains from look4design I'm having second thoughts on whether I should have our curtains custom made or just buy curtians as cute as these ones. Sometimes it's less hassle when you buy readymade.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Enjoying Vacation with Good Old Musical Instruments

The kids are enjoying their summer vacation except that it’s extremely hot to go outside. With this kind of weather they choose to stay inside the house and think of some things they can do best indoor. Since they really love music they play keyboards and guitar in their free time or whenever they suddenly feel that they want to do other things than online activities. Nowadays children are more inclined to online games and other activities associated with internet and computer but I’m happy that sometimes my own kids choose to play musical instruments when they feel boredom is eating them. 

Well Gen is requesting for few guitar accessories like d andrea pro plec to use for her old-time guitar. She’s so fond of playing that I really wish I could buy her a new guitar to play on. Maybe I can do it in the next few weeks after I’m finished with the school expenses and her course requirements like new laptop and engineering supplies. For now they would have to play with their current musical instruments until I’ve saved enough for the new ones.