Friday, June 24, 2016

Perks of Working at Home

The best working place for me is my own home sweet home not just because it’s comfortable but you’ll get to do multi-tasking as well. Imagine earning in the convenience of your home while managing your household, surely it’s the best. I’ve been earning online for nine years now and during those first two years and last five years I was working in corporate office at the same time. I do my online writing tasks at night or during weekends and non-working days. Well working offline and online might be hard at times but if you think of the compensation you’ll be inspired to work especially for people like me whose passion is writing. 

Writing provides a way for me to share my thoughts and earns a living plus I get the chance to be online most of the times. Also, when you’re online you’ll get to know the best deals and services offered by online shopping sites that offers gadgets, home appliances, clothes, shoes, bags, jewelries, computers, toys and just about everything you need.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Staying at With Music Around

Staying at home is one of the things I enjoyed most especially if the whole family is around and craving for my delicious cooked dishes. I love cooking special dishes and desserts for my family because they’re a bunch of people who love foodies. When we’re at home on weekends I cook and the kids play music either keyboard or guitar. 

They love playing and we love hearing the sounds they play. And because we’re a group of music enthusiasts seeing sampletank on one of the music sites makes me yearn to have it. It will be a great addition to my music software and we’ll surely love having it.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Perfect Taco Plates

Source: via Race on Pinterest

My sister and I love tacos and on some occasion if we have enough time we prepare this food to change the usual menus for the usual occasions. Sometimes we really have a hard time piling what we finished doing and we want to distribute it as soon as we're finished doing tacos one by one. It's easier if we can do it groups and just arrange it on the table. 

Well this Taco Plates would be an ideal stacking plates for the tacos and we can prepare it continously.  This is just right for our usual problem in preparing our favorite food.  Now I'm going to tell this to my sister so we can plan more Taco times in family's celebrations.  The designer of this plate is so smart and maybe he or she must be a lover of tacos too just like us.