Monday, September 12, 2016

Plans for a Music Room

We love music at home and when it’s our rest day from work we always play Christian music to set our spirit high on positive attitude. It set our home on a happy ambiance and keeps us on a joyful mood. It relaxes us more when the kids play the keyboard and guitar because it brings a natural music coming from the instruments that produce various types of sounds. Due to hectic schedule my daughter plays less music this semester because her CAD drawings take most of her time, sometimes finishing her plates on midnight. Anyway she promised herself that she’ll play more on semester break.

With our flair for music we sometimes think of setting up a music room where we can place our musical instruments and accessories. We also want to add some more of those we’ve seen online like new guitar, new keyboard, some really nice accessories and equipment like iron ball. Well for now it’s just a plan but who knows? Maybe we’ll be able to make it a reality after a year.


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