Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Getting Healthy and Musical

With the sudden change of temperature and with the stressful traffic on my way to office I got sick and was forced to take sick leave after the recent holiday. It was a tiring cough and colds that consumed all my energy and time. When I started to regain my strength I noticed that my two kids got slight sickness as well. It’s really the season for cold sickness and we need to take care of our health for our upcoming holiday vacation and fellowship in Baguio. 

With this in mind I remember that the kids should really be healthy these coming weeks because they need to prepare for a much colder temperature in Baguio. They’re excitedly looking forward to our vacation because they will not be just vacationing but will have free time to play their favorite musical instruments. Gen is actually eyeing some guitar like gibson double neck on online music stores and thinking on how beautiful it would play on her fingers. Oh how she really loves musical instruments.


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